It’s August in Texas, and it’s hot, hot, hot! Did I mention it’s hot? We have spent the summer playing at every indoor playground in Abilene. But did you know that there is a new place in town? PowerUp Inflatables opened an indoor jump park! Hallelujah! New territory! They celebrated their grand opening in June, and all the Abilene mamas celebrated!IMG_8104

My boys and I headed over to PowerUp Inflatables last week during their toddler open gym. They host open gym for toddlers every Tuesday and Thursdayfrom 10 A.M to 1 P.M. They also have family jump nights on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5 P.M. to 8 P.M.  Before we left our house, I double-checked their location and took off. Then I could not find their building. So to be clear, it is located directly behind Sherwin Williams on Industrial. They literally share a large warehouse, and PowerUp inflatables can be found in the back.

When you walk in, you will be greeted by Brandon, who is the owner along with his wife Amy. You will find a cubby hole for shoes. Note that they recommend kids wear socks while playing. My boys wasted zero time heading straight to the inflatables. It was playtime and they meant business. After storing your shoes, you can enter a door that leads right into their 3,000 square foot play gym.  Besides emergency exits, this is the only way in and out. Yay! I love places that keep my children contained in a specific area.


The Jump Center was extremely clean. That is the very first thing I noticed. The floors were spotless, and all of the inflatables were well-maintained. That simple detail is the number one way to keep my business. I am way more likely to pay to play if there is a clean area where I’m not constantly worried about the next infection that will invade our house.

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about cost. Open Gym cost is $6.95 a child. They offer a 6 jump pass for $30, which makes each jump $5. I like to save money, so the Butler family will be using a pass for sure. My boys jumped for 2 ½ hours their first time. I personally believe it is well worth $10 for them to release some energy! Like I mentioned earlier,  I would rather pay a little more for quality than play for free somewhere that is cringeworthy. You can also split up the play pass however you choose. I suggest planning a play date with other mamas and splitting the cost of the pass.

During our visit, I got to sit down with the owners, Brandon and Amy. They were incredibly genuine and are clearly dedicated to customer service. Their main goals are to offer a home-like environment that is safe, fun and affordable.  They put lots of thought and detail into the design of their facilities. Thanks to their amazing foresight, there is a comfy central area for parents to sit and relax while their kids play. They also encourage parents to get up and jump with their kids! They don’t charge a fee for parents to join in on the fun. I took them up on this offer, and my boys loved it.  We made some memories, and I got to experience their extremely fast slide. I had a blast! Make a note to wear comfy clothes and jump on in!


We all want our kids to play in safe environments, and I’ve already hit on the fact that their gym is clean! All of their inflatables also have finger proof netting. What? You don’t know what finger proof netting is? Yeah, I didn’t either, but it’s really important! Essentially it keeps your kids from getting their fingers stuck in the nets so they don’t end up with a dislocation or break. Anything that saves us a doctor visit makes me happy.

PowerUp Inflatables offers in-house party packages, as well as home rentals for their inflatables. Their in-house packages include their entire play facility. They welcome outside food and drinks for your party. They even provide paper products as well as a drink per child. They do all the work while you have all the fun! I’m sold!

You just can’t beat the customer service and fun over at PowerUp Inflatables. The Butler family is hooked! Go grab your socks and wear your comfy clothes. Also don’t forget your kids, and go jump into some lasting memories.

If you would like to see a lineup of local events for this week, you can head to my personal blog, The Butlers’ Quarters.

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