The Depths of Rivillin – Short Story

Episode 4

I only get out of bed because I can’t sleep anymore, and I want to get to somewhere else so Aller can’t know where I am. I leave the ruined building and head straight for the outskirts of Rivillin. Mainstreet takes me all the way to the 3rd quadrant, which I follow, slowly angling my way to the edge of Rivillin.

As I walk, I flare up my Liyer cards, and the blue fire edges erupt up for a moment before settling to a dull flicker. I let all five cards spin through their images. The leftmost card flies up and vanishes at my command, then the rightmost card does the same. I watch the three remaining cards spin.

A year ago a three-card formation was commonplace. I remember fire night, when I sat with Avrin on the rooftop of my apartment building and tied my three-card formation to the light show beyond, then pressed the cards up and watched them form into a masterpiece of lights above us. The whole town must have turned to watch my lights shine through the air before sliding down in rain-like streaks back to my hands.

I let two of the cards vanish, so only one remains. I ignore timing and tap the card randomly. Four dots of light emerge as the corners of the card split apart, and each dot circles me from shoulder to hip. I keep walking forward, watching the light zipping close to my face with every step.

The edge of Rivillin comes sooner than I imagined it would. The buildings steadily lower in height until they are all one-story. I reach the crumbling brick building that marks the end of the town. One of the bricks is laying in the middle of the road. I pick it up. I can’t bring myself to leave.


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