Friday, October 20, 2017


The Abilene Post isn’t some faceless corporation. We’re family-owned and run by a small but talented team. When you advertise with us you are getting an advertising partner. Advertising is no good if it doesn’t work; that’s why it’s important to invest with real people who are working hard to make sure your advertising dollars are well spent.

For media websites, most traffic comes from Facebook.¹ That’s why it’s exciting to see how fast our Facebook audience has been growing. In fact, in the last year, our Facebook audience has grown by approximately 1024%! See for yourself:

  • Facebook Page Likes


Check out our advertising options by expanding the sections below or downloading our media kit. For any questions or to purchase ad space, contact our Vice President, Taylor Spencer, at

Content Ads

In article ads are by far the most effective traditional form of web advertising. When you purchase an in article ad, your ad will be seen by visitors to our site and by readers accessing our articles through Facebook Instant Articles.

We offer the ability to purchase 5, 10, or 15 article spots per month:

  • 5 Spots = $100
  • 10 Spots = $175
  • 15 Spots = $250

Homepage ads are seen by all visitors, whether mobile or desktop, to our website. Our ads are fully responsive, which means they will automatically adjust to the size of screen they are being viewed on. That means your ad will always look great!

Our prices vary depending on the amount of time you would like your ad to run:

  • 1 week = $25
  • 1 Month = $90
  • 3 Months = $250

Social Media Ads

You can access one of the most engaged local audiences with our combination Instagram/Facebook ads. We estimate that you will reach 5,500 Abilenians with this option.

  • 1 Week = $100

We estimate that you will reach 3,500 Abilenians with this option.

  • 1 week = $75

We estimate that you will reach 3,250 Abilenians with this option.

  • 1 week = $65

Food Truck Calendar Sponsorship

Our longest running and most consistently popular piece of content is our weekly Food Truck Calendar. By sponsoring our Food Truck Calendar, your company’s name/logo will be placed in the “featured image”. That means that every time someone sees our Food Truck Calendar, they will see your companies name/logo. We estimate that your sponsorship will be seen by 5,000+ Abilenians each week!

  • 1 Week = $100
  • 1 Month = $350
  • 3 Months = $900