Normally I am a full time mom, but this week I proctored STAAR tests for a school district. It was a fun change for me to jump back into the classroom, but it also threw our family schedule into a crazy mess. When it came time to do our weekly grocery shopping, I knew we needed to try something different. If you know me personally then you know Walmart is not normally my jam. It is not close or convenient, and it is normally over crowded. I don’t like to take my kids inside because there is just too much temptation thanks to their well-placed displays. But when I heard of Walmart’s new grocery pickup, I knew I had to give it a try. The grocery pickup is new to Abilene. It allows you to place an order online, and then have it delivered curbside to your car. I knew it could save me some valuable time during an already hectic week.  I decided to go all in, and by all in I mean let Walmart pick out everything. Letting someone else pick-out my produce is major trust for me. Alright, I am going to walk you through my experience from start to finish.

First, I started with making a grocery list, just like I would for any other shopping trip. I started with bananas and apples right at the top! Go me! Then I pulled up the Walmart website and started entering my order. I already had an account, but if you need to make one, you can do so fairly quickly. I put in my order, and it took me about an hour. You could easily spend several hours perusing through their entire selection of goods. You can order more than just groceries too. Toilet paper, deodorant and shampoo can be placed right in your virtual cart! How cool is that? After my order was in, I scheduled a pick-up time, and I was done.  Pickup times can be scheduled in one-hour blocks, and the order can be picked up anytime during the allotted time frame. The order must be placed two days ahead of the pickup day. I placed mine Sunday evening.

Walmart Pickup

On Tuesday, I headed over to Walmart to pick up my groceries. Just like anywhere in Abilene, the drive took me less than ten minutes. They called to remind me of my appointment, and I let them know that I was headed their way. They advise you to give them 15 minutes warning to lessen the wait time. There were bright orange pickup signs all over the parking lot directing right to the pickup area. When I pulled up to the designated spot, I called the number listed on the sign to let them know I had arrived. Each parking space was numbered, and I let them know my space number. Then just like magic, Charles appeared at my car and loaded my groceries for me. Charles, the pickup manager, was courteous and friendly. He even opened up my bag of apples to make sure I approved.  Charles does not know it yet, but he is going to be my new best friend. It took 7 minutes from the time I pulled up to the time I was leaving the parking lot. Want to know the best part? Fisher, my one year old, slept soundly in the car the entire shopping trip.


Let’s talk about my goods. My bananas were slightly green, just the way I like them. The apples were in great shape. My orange juice and dairy products were all cold. I also added some random items to my cart that I would have had to run all over the store to collect. They even placed fragile stickers over the handles of the bags with my bread products. Genius!


The entire process did not necessarily save me a ton of time this first round. Honestly I am not as concerned about the amount of time spent, as I am about lugging my two kids inside a store in this 100 degree weather. Once I get my kids inside, I know it will take me an hour plus to hunt down my entire list. There will probably be a few tears shed.  Personally I would rather spend a little time building a list in the comfort of my home. I know I will get faster in placing my order, which will speed up the entire process. There is also a favorites list if you tend to buy the same items every week.

Abilene, this is life changing! I was seriously impressed with the entire process. Working parents, stay-at-home parents, single parents, college students, senior adults, single adults, empty nesters, I am talking to you! I really don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from this service. I dare you to give it a try! It was love at first sight for the Butler family, and we will be using it again. If you want to check it out, you can start loading your cart here. If you happen to be one of those people who likes to save money, then you can click here to save $10 off your first purchase*. Happy shopping friends!

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*Must be your first online grocery purchase to quality for the $10 off. expires 12/31/16 Minimum $50 purchase. 


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