David Sharp of Ballcock Productions has started a monthly stand up comedy event at the Zone Bar and Grill.  Sharp had found talented local comedians to perform five-minute routines alongside names from across the state to keep Abilene laughing.  


Bryan Alaniz

“I’ll take any chance at stage time in Abilene, there just isn’t nearly as much opportunity for it as Austin. Hopefully, with events like the other night though that will start to change.” Says Bryan Alaniz (His material) “Comes from my day to day life. Though some of it is just things I find funny when I’m shooting the breeze with my buddies. Plus, I listen to a lot of comedy podcasts and stand up. Basically, I just draw from what makes me laugh and then I cross my fingers that other people too.“  Alaniz has been seen on stage at Abilene Community Theatre twice this year in Doubt and Adventures in Speed Dating and will be the emcee of the comedy night on June 21st.

Andrew Fejes has taken the stage at all three of the comedy nights Sharp has put on thus far.  Fejes describes the period before taking the stage as “nerve-racking.” “The feeling the moments before I hit the stage is ‘will I forget everything?'” Fejes says it is not the stage itself that is daunting. “ I can go do karaoke, I can read a poem or a book to people, I can act. I don’t do any of those things particularly well (apart from reading stories), but it just seems different if the entire process begins and ends from my own head. (It’s) My words, my stories, my timing. I mess anything up, and I have a room full of people just staring.”  Anyone who has seen Fejes perform knows he really gets the crowd going and does not have anything to worry about.

Sharp plans on hosting the stand-up comedy event monthly at the Zone and will possibly add other venues if this continues to be a success.


Regina Hart

“It was a great experience.” Says Regina Hart of her time on stage.   Regina has also performed in One Night Stand: The Last Hooha! this year, a local monologue group and looks forward to performing comedy again.


I’m stoked I’ve had the opportunity to perform for everyone.” Fejes says,  “I want that opportunity to continue.”

The next Comedy Night at the Zone will be Thursday, June 21st.

Watch Ballcock Productions, The Zone Bar and Grill, or Abilene Zocalo facebook pages for future dates and contact Sharp at Ballcock Productions for a chance to get your chance on stage.






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