Letter to The Editor:

“County Commissioner Brad Birchum is still in office, even after being indicted for public lewdness and official oppression. He used the power of his position to grope a female deputy and now Birchum refuses to resign from his position. Making matters worse, District Attorney James Hicks refuses to file a petition to have him removed from office because the two men are “friends.”  

Why is Birchum still in office? He pleaded guilty to the charge of public lewdness and, through a plea agreement, was able to have the official oppression charge dropped. Because of this, Birchum remains in his position as a Taylor County Commissioner. And while this may represent some fine “lawyering” on behalf of Birchum, it does not address the fact that Birchum still has power over this woman and others on his staff and can continue to force himself on these female employees.  

Concerned citizens have approached DA Hicks, asking him to file a petition to have Birchum removed. He refuses to do so. Under the law, a private citizen can file a petition, and this motion is under way.  

It would save the taxpayers time and money if one or both of these elected officials stepped forward and did the morally right thing. Either Birchum needs to voluntarily resign or DA Hicks needs to submit the petition to have him removed. Both men are in elected positions. DA Hicks can be voted out next election if he continues to support the immoral actions of Birchum.  

Cynthia Alvidrez, Sam Hatton, Sammy Garcia, Bethany Phillips, Logan Gage, Kim Moreno, Rosie Meyer, Dan Lane, Debra Mayes, Jeanell Owens, Vanessa Addington Brandt, Albert Silva, Tish Cisneros, Vicki Morris, Tiffany Avila, Will Ruiz, Amanda Garcia, Jesse Pedroza, Scott Sanchez, Lizz Hancock, Brandon Young, Elizabeth Smyser, Kelly McMichael, Reggie Arberry, Alana Hendrick, Melanie Chapin, Albert Silva, Greg Garcia

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