Hot dogs, hamburgers and the occasional piece of chicken with some store bought potato and macaroni salad. That was what I knew as BBQ. When I first visited Abilene, my brother-in-law was so excited to take me to a BBQ joint, yet I couldn’t understand why. Then a plate of brisket was placed in front of me. Let’s just say I spent the rest of the day in a meat coma. Since that day, I have eaten a lot of BBQ, from all different areas. I’m happy to say that Texas BBQ is one of kind and Stillwater Barbeque here Abilene does it right.

Stillwater started out as one of Abilene’s original Food Trucks. I had first caught up with them at Truckin Tuesdays, which was a Food Truck event that would set up at Frontier Texas on Tuesdays. I remember the first thing I had from them was a smoked Prime Rib sandwich. I knew after eating that sandwich that they had something special to offer. They have since opened up a Brick and Mortar restaurant located at 3365 South 14th St., where they were able to expand on what they were already offering on the truck.

This is Texas so we have to talk beef. When I say beef I am referring to brisket. If you never had a true smoked Brisket then this is the place to start at. There are a lot of places around that will happily overcook your Brisket for you, requiring the excessive use of sauce, but Stillwater is not one of those. Their Brisket has just the right amount of smoke; it is moist and juicy (No sauce required!) and that is how it should be! There are many other types of meat to choose from as well, such as pork ribs, pulled pork, sausage ( 2 kinds ).

If you like a little heat you have to try the Jalapeño sausage. There is also no shortage of sides. There is an amazing Brisket mac and cheese, Brisket baked beans, green beans, cheesy potatoes and more. You have to stop in and try them all. They also offer an amazing Banana Pudding that you have to try, they definitely put their own signature on this dish.

Along with everything that is listed above, they also provide daily specials. Depending on the day you can get: Brisket Nachos, Tacos, All you can eat Pork Ribs, smoked Pork Loin and, check this out, Free Beer Friday.   

So, if you live in Abilene or are just passing through, this is the one BBQ stop you have to make. Whether it be the Food Truck or the Restaurant, you can’t go wrong. Matt and Kelly, along with their crew, have done it right.




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