Burger enthusiasts in Abilene are taking a hit, as Cherokee On The Go has announced that they will no longer be roaming the streets of Abilene. Here is the statement from the owner, taken from their Facebook page.

It is with a heavy heart that i announce Cherokee on the Go is closed. It was an awesome year working in the food truck industry..It was hard and frustrating at times.. Sometimes it could be overwhelming with just my wife and i working it..somedays we would prepare to serve the world and only serve 10… Lol.. For the most part we always had steady business taking care of our regulars who just needed a Cherokee fix..we got to participate in events that gave back to the Abilene community and we met all kinds of new people…… I remember an elderly couple somewhere in their 60s coming to the truck while we were at the food park.. They ordered the Bacon Chief and fry.. As they sat down with their food i couldnt help but watch them take the first bite of the burger to get that nod of approval… Needless to say they both enjoyed the food and cleared their plates.. The lady came up to the truck and tipped a $10 bill.. She said.. My husband and i loved ur food… And i wanted u to know that my husband is dying from cancer and dont want to eat and hasnt eatten because nothing is good to him until he had ur burger… He ate the whole thing and told me to go tip the truck because that was the best burger he had eatten.. Ill never forget that..they touched my heart…. So with all that said and done… We got to work with the public and put smiles on their faces and food in their belly..and that is what it is truely about.. Making people happy and enjoying their food. My wife, my kids and I sincerely appreciate each and every one of u that supported the truck and gave us an opportunity to feed u and ur families…. THANK U! God bless and remember to always support ur local food trucks!

If you were a fan of Cherokee On The Go, send your good thoughts and well wishes via their Facebook page, here.


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