This Is You: Film by Local Artist Coming to the Paramount


June 30th, the historic Paramount is opening its doors and turning on its magical ceiling for the world premiere of “This Is You”. Local actor/filmmaker, Rankin Dean, turned an idea from ink and paper to a feature length film here in Abilene. He cast and produced the film using local talent under the production company name, Beyond Star Films.

“I’m really in love with the story and the characters. I poured moments from my life into the script, and my team and I are working hard to see it all come to life.” said Dean, who wrote and directed the film himself.

Christian Winter, an Abilene Christian University student says to expect, “An ode to classic boy-meets-girl 80s films, but set in 2017 with more modern music.” He added, “We’re going for that sweet spot you see in movies like Say Anything or Pretty in Pink where it teeters on the edge of sappiness, but it’s just so true and lovable that you can’t resist.”

Dean took his inspiration from John Hughes movies, naming Hughes as, “Someone (he) looks up to when it comes to writing and directing.” Winter adds, “Hopefully, we can transport the sentiment of those 80s films into the context of today.”

Gentlemen, you had me at John Hughes. Having been born in the 80s and being a child of the 90s, I nearly wore every Hughes VHS tape out from watching them on repeat with my face near the screen to catch every detail. John Bender was my first Hughes love but Duckie is forever my ideal 80s crush. Mrs. Brandi “The Duck-man.” Hmm, I’ll work on that. Moving on…

“Rankin Dean is an extremely talented young man,” said Jen Burns. “When he offered me a small role in his film, I was eager to do it. It was a great experience, very different from acting on the stage.” Burns is a local artist who often appears on stage for live performances such as “Barefoot in the Park”, in which she played Dean’s mother in law and, most recently, as Frida Kahlo for the “Living Statues” exhibit put on by Pallets of Purpose.  

Remarkably, Dean and his producer/sound designer Sammy Castillo, Jr. are only 20 and 21. “I am so glad to see young people in my hometown following their dreams!” stated Burns.

Same, Jen. Same.

You can experience Abilene talent under the Hogwarts-esque ceiling of the Paramount on June 30th. This family-friendly show starts at 8 pm and the admission is complimentary. I have a feeling that we will be saying, “I knew him when” in the not too distant future.

Photos courtesy of Beyond Star Films.


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