Sunday, November 18, 2018

Our People

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Lucas Bennett (Columnist & Editor)

When I’m not studying or writing, I run cross country and track for ACU. I love reading and writing almost every genre out there.

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John mendez (contributor)

I’m no stranger to the Big Country, being born and raised in Baird, TX. I graduated in 2008 from Baylor University and received my Bachelor’s degree in Film and Digital Media, working for a short time with MTV Networks in NYC. Today, together with my wife, Melissa, and two boys, John Michael and Maverick, we now call Abilene home. When I’m not helping to wrangle our two boys, I enjoy following my favorite sports teams, blogging, fishing, hunting and riding my prized UTV, Ruby Gail. Find out more about me and my family life by following my blog at

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Ed Morrell (Columnist)

I was born and raised in Freeport NY, a multicultural suburb of NYC, where I grew up eating foods from a variety of cultures. In my 20’s I moved to Queens and that is where my love for food had become a focal point in my life. I had pretty much the entire culinary world in my backyard and I took advantage of it to the fullest. I have since moved to Abilene and have not lost that passion for exploring the local culinary community.

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Brandi Brightwater (Columnist)

Brandi was born and raised in Abilene then went wherever life took her.  She’s lived all over Texas, in Wyoming, and in Colorado but has visited countless other places.  She currently owns her own Virtual Assistant business but has donned many hats such as Cheese Specialist, Ceramics Assistant, and Massage Therapist.  She is a passionate and active advocate for the arts and culture, especially live theater, and forewarns that anyone who says there is nothing to do in Abilene is opening themselves up for a lively debate.