Sunday, November 18, 2018

About Us

The Abilene Post was founded in 2015 by Nathan Spencer. The founding principal is that local news should be, well…local. It should be representative of the community of which it is in and be relevant to the local citizenry. Our job is to inform you as to what’s going on in the city you call home.

The typeface of our brand is in the style of American Wood Block lettering. Bold and rugged, just like the Key City, which was forged from the wild west Texas landscape.

The two line pairing, which appears in each version of our logo, is inspired by North and South 1st Streets. The white line, running between the two green lines, is representative of the railroad track that bisects Abilene.

The design of our brand sets the tone for what we, The Abilene Post, hope to be. Your exclusively local news source. Abilene is developing fast and so are we. We hope you’ll read on as we bring you more coverage about the things important to you.

Long Live Abilene!